McDonald’s goes to great lengths to show that its food rots

We’ve all seen those videos that claim to lift the lid on what really goes into McDonald’s food, pink slime included.

Well, the original fast food giant is keen to dispel some of the popular – and gross – myths about their products, and have launched a new campaign to do so.

One strand of their PR push has seen a new addition to their FAQs section which seems to debunk to belief that McDonald’s food doesn’t rot. Indeed, they are keen to reassure us that their food can definitely decompose.

Mmm, appetising.

The other aspect of the campaign sees presenter Grant Imhara pay a visit to the company’s meat supplier, where he takes us through the journey of a McDonald’s meat patty.

“Are there lips and eyeballs in there, Jimmy?” Grant asks the plant operator. Thankfully, it’s a negative from Jimmy.

If you’re in need of a little reassurance before your next Big Mac craving, check out the interesting video below.