McDonald’s goes all posh with gnocchi made from French fries

Fast food giant McDonald’s is definitely not a restaurant associated with eating well. Now though, the chain is trying to shake its ‘junk food’ image with a new approach.

The company hosted a dinner event in New York for influential foodies, bloggers and reporters recently. Guests were served dishes prepared using McDonald’s ingredients, but with a ‘fine dining’ twist.

McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce and a parsley garnish were dished up as a kung pao chicken starter. Then, a main course of slow-cooked beef and potato gnocchi made from McDonald’s French fries was served with a fruit sauce. And for dessert, the chain’s biscuit mix was used to create a pumpkin and spice ‘biznut’ – a biscuit and doughnut combo.

Hmm… it all sounds slightly weird to us, like something you might throw together after a drunken night on the tiles!

The dinner was marketed as “a transforming dining experience of ‘fast food’ to ‘good food served fast.’” The strange new dishes won’t be appearing on the McDonald’s menu, but the company has made a concerted effort in recent years to bump up its healthy options, with salads, egg whites and fruit all now available.

McDonald's is still our go-to after a night out, but we're not sure we’d want to pop in for a plate of gnocchi…