Mark Wright will do anything to stay on Michelle’s good side

The highly anticipated wedding of the year is set to take place later this month, but obviously Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have to get the hens and stag parties out of the way first!

While Michelle Keegan partied in style Dubai with a group of her closest friends, it is clear Mark, who has already had a pre-wedding party, is not going to let his future bride have all the fun!

The TOWIE star is planning on heading to Las Vegas with his mates, but they won’t be getting up to anything worthy of The Hangover as Mark has reportedly banned his friends from taking him to a strip club!

According to sources, while “Mark is definitely up for a laugh” he only wants “good, clean fun without risking any pics surfacing of him with half-naked girls [sic]”

Well, at least he has his priorities straight!

After those beautiful pics of Michelle in Dubai, we can’t wait for photos of the wedding, and her dress, obvs!