Mark Wright reveals fiancée Michelle Keegan’s diet secrets!

Michelle Keegan is definitely no slacker when it comes to diet and fitness, as is clear from her enviable body. In a recent interview though, the actress’ fiancé Mark Wright revealed she’s not all that strict about what she eats.

“She doesn’t diet that much,” he told New! Magazine. “She had a Magnum ice cream at 12 o'clock last night in bed!”

A tub of Ben and Jerry’s might not be the answer to our diet prayers though, as Mark admitted that despite Michelle’s relaxed attitude to food, she still works to stay in shape. “She just goes to the gym two or three times a week and watches what she eats,” he said.

The couple use the same gym but you won’t see them sharing workout routines, says Mark. “We do train at the same time but not together. She does her own thing. We teach each other and give each other tips.”