Mark signs to major TV show where stars hook up ‘all the time’!


Prepare yourself! 

We're going to see Mark Wright in very tight trousers very soon – as he has signed up to star in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing!

Bosses at the BBC had hoped to land a ratings bonanza by having the star compete against his beau Michelle Keegan, but she turned down the offer after being approached earlier this year.

But is this a decision she might live to regret?!

Strictly dancer Ola Jordan has just revealed that there has been lots of romances between celebrities and dancers – many of which have been covered up!

We KNEW it!

Ola said, "It happens in the movies with actors and it happens on Strictly.”

"There have been relationships that have happened that have never come out in public, quite a bit. It happens all the time. It happens as people get close. It is the bond you have with your partner," she said. 

We’re sure Michelle will have nothing to worry about…*gulp!