Margaret Turley’s story – how a little help can go a long way


There was a time in Margaret Turley’s life when she might have thought – I can’t go to university. But that was a long time ago. Because thanks to Special Olympics, Margaret no longer believes in can’t. After all, she ended up studying at not just any university but Trinity
College Dublin.

It was through Special Olympics and the friends she made playing basketball that she gained confidence and started to enjoy a social life. Eventually she even took part in the Athlete Leadership programme, going on to inspire a new generation of athletes.

You see, there’s nothing that people with additional needs can’t do with just a little help.

“I have made a lot of friends and gained a lot of confidence from being involved with Special Olympics. They have given me so many opportunities and the training in their Athlete Leadership programme helped me to prepare for my job interview. I have missed training so much over the past few months and can’t wait to get back to my club.” said Margaret.

Special Olympics Ireland needs your help to keep Margaret and other athletes like her playing basketball, making friends and gaining confidence.

This year Special Olympics Ireland can’t have their usual 3,000 volunteers out on the streets shaking buckets and raising much needed funds for their 8,000 athletes across the island of Ireland.

Their Can’t Stop Now campaign aims to raise money to help children and adults with intellectual disabilities that have been deeply affected by Covid-19. They’ve come so far, they can’t stop now. So please, dig deep and help if you can.

These donations will help children and athletes like Margaret show the world how they can succeed.

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