Man is reunited with lost voicemail of his deceased wife


When Stan Beaton lost his beloved wife, Ruby, back in 2003, he used her recording on their shared voicemail as a comfort in his time of loss.

Over the years, Stan has said that he used the recording as a source of comfort if he was having a particularly hard day or missing her.

However, last month, the recording disappeared as Virgin undertook some work, leaving Stan heartbroken.

After lots of hard work and effort, the Virgin team managed to salvage the recording, and watching Stan listening to it afterwards is just heartwarming. Taken aback by the lengths the company went to for him to be reunited with his wife’s voice, Stan says: “Ten people?! That must have cost a fortune!”

Virgin also offered to donate money to a charity of Stan’s choice as a further apology while the 68-year-old plans to repay their efforts with a present of a lovely bottle of Glendfiddich. 

Such a lovely story – we're so glad that Stan got to hear his wife's voice again.