Mamma Mia! and the feel-good factor!


Apparently you either love or hate Mamma Mia! And that's if you've even SEEN it!

In light of the shocking revelation that some people have yet to feast their eyes on the glory that is this all-singing, all-dancing musical extravaganza, we have taken it upon ourselves to rectify this love/hate/never seen issue and have provided just a few reasons why watching Mamma Mia! is an absolute must.

If musicals or ABBA classics aren’t your thing, then surely the goddess that is Meryl Streep is enough to keep you glued to the screen?  

Basically, we defy anyone to watch this 2008 box office smash and not have their spirits lifted and their toes tappin’.

​The Reasons

1) Meryl Streep will do the splits, mid-air, in navy overalls and it will be really, really good. No, really.

2) Pierce Brosnan will sing and it will be really, really bad. No, really.

3) Meryl and Amanda Seyfried will have a tender mother-daughter moment while singing Slipping Through My Fingers and it will make you cry. Really cry.

4) Julie Walters will slide down the banisters of a stairs; it will be cheesy and embarrassing and you will love it.

5) Amanda Seyfried will have a glitzy, girlie Hen Night which you will want to be part of, but you can’t. Sob.

6) Dominic Cooper and his band of stags will be topless, but you’ll be too busy admiring the goddess that is the fresh-faced Amanda.

7) Meryl Streep will perform The Winner Takes It All on top of a mountain in a red shawl and you will feel her pain. All of it.

8) Christine Baranski will dress a grown man in a nappy while singing Does Your Momma Know? and the sheer absurdity of the scene will endear you to the film even more.

9) The entire cast will run through a small Greek island in the sunshine singing their hearts out and you will want to be running and singing with them, but you can’t.

10) You will learn that the phrase ‘dot, dot, dot’ means ‘sex’. Who knew?

If the above hasn’t reeled you in, then go on without us. We can do no more for you.