Make your brows beautiful with these NYX products!


Are you as envious of Cara Delevingne’s big brows as we are? Well, hopefully we won’t be haunted by the green eyed monster for much longer if these NYX products are as good as they sound!

Their Eyebrow Cake Powder is only €7.49 and fills and defines eyebrows without any hassle. It also includes a slanted brush to define brows, a round wand to shape and style and a pot of wax to keep strays away.

Their Auto Eyebrow Pencil, €5.99 sounds just as good as it has an easy application tip which is meant to smooth application and blending to make sure your brows look totally natural.

We are sold!

If you are planning on using either of these products (which you can get in pharmacies nationwide), here are some top tips!

  • First of all, make sure you don’t over pluck. If it’s too late, try to let them grow out. As difficult as it may sound, you’ll be glad in the long run!
  • Try to match the colour of your brow kit to the colour of your hair. The NYX products comes in different shades and tones to suit blondes, brunettes and red heads.
  • When filling in your brows place your thumb on the nose bridge and then mark both sides with your pencil or powder. Start filling ladies – the bigger the better!