Major embarrassment for actress as she is snubbed on red carpet


The Oscars red carpet is a cut-throat place as E! host Ryan Seacrest proved yesterday in no uncertain terms!

Ryan was scouting for celebrities to interview before the ceremony when Naomi Watts' publicist all but pushed the actress in his direction, saying, "Ryan, I have Naomi!"

The host clearly didn't deem poor Naomi famous enough though, as he shunned her in favour of Whiplash star Miles Teller, shaking his head at Naomi's publicist as he did so.


Ryan must have felt bad later on, as he did come back to Naomi for a chat, asking her about (what else?) her pre-Oscars diet.

Although Naomi had been pictured on Instagram just hours before holding up a homemade frittata, she admitted that she hadn't eaten much of anything that day. "'I’m hungry on days like today because you usually have starved yourself," she said. Well… at least she's honest!


Oscars count down #Naomiwatts #fritatta game is tight …. Look out for it on the #redcarpet today #shhhhh

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Despite Ryan's awkward snub earlier in the evening, Naomi's Oscars look went down a storm, with her Armani cut-out gown earning her a place on many of last night's Best Dressed lists:

Although she was not up for any awards herself, Naomi's recent film Birdman came away with the gong for Best Picture – so all in all not a bad night!