Major drama unfolding for the X Factor judges


We’re never short of drama with The X Factor, are we?

Forget contestant controversy, the judges are at each other’s throats now!

It all started with the first of the live shows last weekend, in which poor old Louis Walsh lost not one, but two of his acts.

The whole incident has left a very bitter taste in the Irish music mogul’s mouth, and he’s decided to unleash his fury on Simon Cowell, accusing him of bullying.

Slamming Simon for his harsh comments against Louis’ acts, the judge said: “I’m always the fall guy on the show. I think it’s my job. It would probably be perceived as bullying if you do it to girls. It’s ok to do it to me.”

Louis wasn’t finished there, though. Venting his fury over Simon’s criticism, he said: “He does what he wants. But when it’s so public on the show I gasp. I never know what he will say.”

Louis’ devastation at losing bands Blonde Electra and Overload Generation in just the first instalment of the live shows was painfully evident, and we can totally understand why.

We wonder what Simon will have to say about Louis’ latest comments!