Magazine Photoshops Kendall to make her fat


This is just…wow.

Famous magazine are being slammed by basically the entire world after they photoshopped Kendall Jenner to make her look overweight…or their perception of what overweight is!

The AWFUL revelation comes only a day after it was reported that Kendall was bullied by jealous models at New York Fashion Week.

The shamed magazine’s headline was, of course, “Model bosses blast Kendall ‘you’re too FAT’” and beside the headline a photoshopped photo of Kendall with cellulite on the runway.

While photoshopping someone to make them look skinnier than they are may be bad, this is so much worse.

Not only is this fat shaming – it’s also a big fat lie.

Photos from the Hilfiger show feature Kendall looking amazing, no cellulite to see but even if there was – so what!

Something tells us her older sisters will be far from happy when they see this…!

Kendall is currently KILLING it in Milan Fashion Week so we hope she misses out on this delightful headline.