Love/Hate to hit the silver screen?


Love/ Hate creator Stuart Carolan has revealed that the award-winning programme may no longer be confined to the small screen. When initially asked whether the story of Nidgie and the lads would work on the big screen, Stuart was undoubtedly hesitant saying: “A Love/Hate feature length film? Eh, not immediately, no. It's hard enough just to do this series as it is.”

It seems, however, that Stuart has had a change of heart. He admits that he is now currently considering a Love/Hate movie and we for one can not wait. Perhaps Stuart was particularly impressed by the cast's recent performance in other films and realised he might be missing a trick?

Charlie Murphy, who plays Siobhan in the smash show, recently played a part in critically acclaimed film '71 and it's also been a successful year film-wise for Killian Scott, who plays Tommy. Performing opposite Charlie in '71, he also had a small role earlier this year in Calvary, starring Brendan Gleeson. There's no doubt that these set of actors are well able for the TV to film transition.

Love/Hate burst onto our screens in October 2010 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Currently in season five, the show is the the main topic of conversation in offices around the country every Monday morning and we absolutely love our Sunday night fix of Nidge and the crew!