Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips reveals ‘scary’ health diagnosis

Shaughna Phillips has revealed that she has been diagnosed as obese.

The former Love Island star, who welcomed her first child Lucia last April, took to Instagram last night to share an update on her health.

In the video message, which was filmed in January, Shaughna explained that she went for a routine health check-up, stating: “It’s nearly been a year since I had the baby, and I just wanted to know how things were working, where I stood post-birth and post-pregnancy.”

“They told me that I was obese, which isn’t a shock but it’s never nice to hear. Following some of the checkups that they did, they said that I had quite a lot of visceral fat around my organs,” the 29-year-old admitted.

Shaughna then went on to explain: “I’m a mum now and it shook me to my core, because I know I’m not the picture of health, but I didn’t realise that things were actually that bad. It’s kind of scary to hear it from a medical professional.”

Stating that she “needs to do something”, the reality star reflected on her family history.

“I only have one parent because my dad died and without getting way too deep, I just never want that to happen to Lucia. I want to do everything in my power to make sure that I’m here for as long as humanly possible. I want to be able to enjoy life with her and not get out of breath by going up the stairs,” she said.

“I’ve struggled with my body image for probably most of my life, which is so scary. I just don’t want that to be Lucia,” she concluded, adding that she needs to be a “positive example” for her daughter.

Following her candid update, many of Shaughna’s 1.4M followers have thanked her for her honesty.

“One of the only Love Island stars that are actually honest and real. Thank you,” one fan praised.

“You’re very brave being so honest, best of luck with everything xx,” another commented.