Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hansen wants to teach sex ed

Megan Barton-Hanson is arguably the break-out star of this years Love Island.

The 24-year-old  has weathered a fair few nasty trolls after her stint of the ITV2 show, but she has always come back stronger.

She has been vocal about her thoughts on slut-shaming and  sexuality as well as her choice to have plastic surgery. 


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And now she has announced that she would be the perfect person to teach sex ed to school kids because she is ''young and cool.''

Megan has been open about her love of sex, after having two romances in the villa with Eyal Booker and her now-boyfriend Wes Nelson. 

She said, ''Sex education is really important and I want to go back to school to teach kids and answer questions they might be too embarrassed or shy to ask their teachers.''

She continued, “Schools have a responsibility, as do parents, to teach their kids. I think if it’s awkward and weird coming from a much older teacher it doesn't work or sink in.''


My face says it all. 

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Megan is also doing an unreal collab with feminine care brand Woo Woo on a sexual health campaign.

She thinks that measures should be taken in schools to make sex lessons less awkward for pupils.

She said, “If it’s not people from reality TV shows talking about it, why don’t schools get young cool people in who speak about using condoms and getting tested and girls having periods?''

She added, “We need to make it a normal everyday thing. There should be no stigma, taboo or embarrassment around it.”

Gwan Megan, we think you're fab.