Love Island’s Jessie Wynter details plans for the future with Will

Jessie Wynter has been opening up about her plans for the future with Will Young!

The former Love Island stars are celebrating one year of dating this month, after they first met on last winter’s series of the hit ITV show.

Now, as they mark one year of being together, Jessie has detailed that the couple have many hopes for their future.

In an interview with OK!, the 27-year-old Australian laid out that they have been “saving for a house for the last few months", but that Will has additional plans in mind.

"Will definitely wants a baby, I'm not going to lie. I've said to Will, we're not having a baby until we have a house, so that's an incentive for him to save for a house,” she teased.

Jessie later went on to outline what her ideal timeline for the couple’s future is.

“Will is so eager for marriage and a baby, I think he wants a baby before marriage. But for me, I'm not your stereotypical girl who wants a ring, I say no, I want a house deposit over a ring, please,” she admitted.

"I'm tunnel vision on setting myself up with a house. A wedding, I think will come down the track when we're living in a very stable way,” she continued, before adding jokingly: "Will is trying his absolute hardest to get that wedding first."

The reality stars currently travel back and forth between Jessie’s native Tasmania and Will’s family farm in Buckinghamshire, with Jessie sharing that her loved ones “absolutely adore Will and I think he loves them a lot too.”

When asked if they plan to settle in Australia or the UK, Jessie concluded: "We would be looking in the UK. I have a house down here in Australia, in Tasmania so we always have that to come back to. In the UK, we're looking at getting set up, which will be nice and making sure it's close to the farm – that's the dream."