Love Island’s Jack Fincham is left “devastated” after car crash


Former Love Island star, Jack Fincham is left devastated after a car crashed into him on Sunday, while out for a bite of lunch.

The 26-year-old detailed the ordeal on his Instagram Stories yesterday afternoon. “The day I've had… pulling into a car park to have something to eat, a Caesar salad in case anyone is interested,” Jack described, setting the scene.

“A car ploughed straight into my car as I indicated to go in there,” he revealed, while visibly upset.

“I do not have any luck with cars, I'm devastated, it's a brand new car as well, I'm devastated!” the reality star vented.

The crash occurred while Jack was driving his new, £35,000 Mercedes CLA, the second crash he’s gotten into in two months.

He went on to say though, that even though the vehicle was heavily damaged, luckily no people were physically harmed. “Thankfully no one was injured, it's just a bit of metal at the end of the day, isn't it? It's all being dealt with by the police and insurance companies.”

“I'm just upset about the car, it's such a shame, people need to slow down on that road. People do turn right, I'm devastated, absolutely devastated,” Jack explained.

Photographs of the crash have since emerged, showing Jack and his rumoured ex, Connie O'Hara, climbing out of the wrecked car.

It’s been reported that the two were out for lunch at an upmarket pub in Wilmington, Kent when the incident occurred.