Love Island’s Eve Gale details first date with TOWIE’s Demi Sims

Eve Gale and Demi Sims have opened up about their first date!

The Love Island and The Only Way Is Essex stars recently confirmed on a podcast that they have been dating.

Eve, who featured on Love Island: All Stars earlier this year, appeared with her twin sister Jess on Demi’s podcast, Sims Squared.


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In the episode, Demi began: “Me and Eve went on a date last week, and it was our first date, weren’t it?”, while Eve clarified: “We kind of have had other dates, but it hasn’t been like a ‘date-date’.”

When asked by Demi if she had a “nice time”, the 24-year-old Islander responded: "I had the best day ever!"

After confirming that they didn’t share a kiss, Demi went on to reflect on their history.

“We have been speaking for three years though, haven’t we?” the TOWIE star noted.


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“It sounds so deep and serious when we say three years, but it actually has been,” Eve laughed.

Explaining the decision behind their first date, Demi detailed: “I always just say it but it never happens. Then, [Eve] messaged me the night before and was like, ‘Are we actually going tomorrow? Because I really want to go,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah!’” 

Describing it as “long overdue”, the 27-year-old continued: “I was nervous that it was going to get awkward, because usually we’ve always got people around so it’s easier to chat. I was thinking, ‘Are there going to be any awkward silences?’ but then when I picked [Eve] up, you was just chewing my ear off.”


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“We got there, had a drink, had so much food, didn’t we? It was a short date, to be fair. It was quite a private date,” Demi noted.

After revealing that she posted a picture of their date on her Instagram stories, Eve was then asked if her loved ones asked any questions.

“No. I feel like because people know that I always post you…” Eve explained, before Demi added: “People just assume that we’re besties.”