Love Island’s Amy Hart & fiancé Sam open up about honeymoon plans

Amy Hart has been opening up about her upcoming honeymoon.

The former Love Island star is preparing to tie the knot to her fiancé Sam Rason after they got engaged in September of last year. 

Sam popped the big question to Amy exactly six months after the couple welcomed their first child, Stanley, into the world together. 


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Hart has been keeping fans up-to-date on her wedding plans and has now shared details of her and Sam’s honeymoon, which is set to take place in Las Vegas. 

While answering a Q&A from some of her 1M Instagram followers on her Stories, the 31-year-old was asked, “Honeymoon plans? Will Stanley go?”.

Amy replied by explaining, “I thought I’d come on and talk for a bit so honeymoon plans- we are going to Vegas. Stanley is not coming”.


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“That’s why we chose Vegas because my mum was like, ‘Right, I’ll have him for a week’, and I think Sam’s parents are also going to come down and sort of share the childcare with my mum and dad”.

The former reality star continued, “So Mum was like, ‘Okay you’ve got a week, go where you want’. And we were like obviously there’s Maldives and Dubai and stuff but I feel like we can do them with Stanley because, you know… I just feel like we can do them with Stanley”.

“Vegas is somewhere that we really really can’t do with Stanley. I remember once when I was 20 trying to buy just a Coca-Cola off a little shack off the side of the Paris Hotel and they wouldn’t serve me because I wasn’t 21”.


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Amy went on to confirm, “So we are not taking him. We are going to go crazy- pool parties, shows, clubs. Can’t wait”.

Sharing more of an insight into her wedding day, Amy also revealed she will be looking at outfits for her bridesmaids very soon.

“I’m going to look at bridesmaids dresses tomorrow and outfits for my hen do so I’ll take you along!”, she excitedly revealed.