Love Island All Stars’ Georgia Steel details catfishing trauma

Georgia Steel has recalled her experience of being scammed and catfished by a man she was dating.

After first appearing on Love Island in 2018, the reality star had thousands of pounds stolen from her by criminal Medi Abalimba.

Georgia had initially met Medi – who was using the alias Miguel, a supposed US government agent – in a London nightclub. The conman was eventually caught for his crimes, but not before he duplicated Georgia's debit card and bought her a diamond ring with her own money.


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Now, as she prepares to return to the Love Island villa for the brand-new series Love Island: All Stars, Georgia has been recounting her tale and detailing how it has affected her.

In a press interview ahead of the spin-off series’ launch, the 25-year old was asked how her experience has impacted on her ability to trust men in the dating world.


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"Obviously over the past year and the past couple of years I've been through so much, and I'm glad to kind of shut the door on that," Georgia confessed.

“I’m going in the villa to give it my all, have a good time, use all the tools and knowledge that I've learnt from all them experiences, and just be myself. I will always stand up for myself and I think it's right to tell people when they're being a kn**head and I think it's right to tell people when they're lovely,” she added.

Georgia later went on to note that she hopes viewers will see her six years of growth since her first Love Island appearance. 


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"I've changed a lot. You ask anyone if they've changed from 19 to 25 and I think they'll say a lot,” the TV star explained.

"I think we all grow into ourselves and that's when you really become a young lady. I've just grown up and I've learnt a lot, and I've got wiser and I think it will be really nice for people to hopefully see that,” she concluded.