Love Is Blind’s Jimmy responds to Chelsea’s secret party allegation

Love Is Blind’s Jimmy Presnell has responded to accusations that he secretly went on a night out without Chelsea Blackwell’s knowledge.

The former couple, who got engaged on the sixth season of the Netflix show but never made it to the altar, have recently been speaking out about their experience.

Last week, Chelsea revealed an allegation that Jimmy lied to her and secretly went on a night out. A few days after speaking out, Jimmy has now taken the opportunity to respond.

Credit: Netflix

During a joint appearance on The Viall Files podcast, Chelsea recalled that they were out separately with their Love Is Blind castmates.

“He texted me and asked if I cared if he stayed at his own place, and I responded and said no, that’s fine,” the 31-year-old detailed, adding that she hoped “giving him his space would have been beneficial for both of us.”

“He FaceTimed me that he was going to bed, he was tired, he was in for the night. Two seconds later, he buttdials me and I hear everyone laughing in his apartment, talking about where they’re going to next,” she stated, before Jimmy addressed his ex's comments.

“At the reunion, I spoke up about me being pretty mentally checked-out, at the point after you mentioned my friend. We were going through the motions at that point, we talked about that. This was after that huge fight. Ultimately, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough space, so I respect you for giving that to me,” he praised.

Credit: Netflix

“That did happen, so I am sorry about that,” the 28-year-old confirmed, adding: “It’s kind of one of those things where we should have ripped the Band-Aid off after that last fight, because that was kind of the last straw for me. I stuck around, I loved Chelsea so much.”

Jimmy and Chelsea have since noted that they are now “just friends”, after previously attempting to date for “four days” after filming ended.