Love is Blind’s Bliss honours husband Zack on first Father’s Day


Bliss Poureetezadi is celebrating her husband Zack Goytowski.

The couple, who met and tied the knot on Netflix’s hit show Love is Blind, welcomed their daughter Galileo into the world in April of this year. 

While marking Zack’s first Father’s Day, Bliss honoured him by penning a heartwarming tribute to him on social media. 

Describing him as ‘an exceptional man’, the new mum posted a selection of adorable snaps of Zack and Galileo together, as well as a photo from when Bliss was still expecting their baby girl.

In the caption of the post, Bliss wrote, “Happy First Fathers Day love of my life! The way my heart sings knowing that Galileo has you as her daddy!”.

“It brings tears to my eyes knowing she is safe with you in all ways, that she will be able to depend on you, that she has an exceptional man as her daddy. One that will accept her and love her unconditionally. It’s a dream come true”. 

She continued, “You never hesitate and often offer to take a shift bottle feeding her so I can get a little more sleep. You’ve definitely changed more diapers than I have at this point. You’re a true daddy, a true partner in raising our precious angel”.

“I am grateful and proud to call you the father of my daughter. Watching you become a daddy has been my most favorite time in life. Seeing you love her makes me fall even deeper in love with you”.

Bliss closed off her moving message by saying, “You are our rock. We are blessed to have you and I’ll always be thanking God for it. We love you!”.

Last week, Zack shared a candid update on his fatherhood experience, speaking out about the sleepless nights he and Bliss have been having with their newborn.

He admitted, “This past week has been incredibly exhausting, but Bliss and I are pushing ourselves to new limits. Through all the sleepless nights and constant bottle and diaper changes, I feel like I’m growing so much”.

“Some nights, it feels like we’re just taking things one step at a time, but we’re handling it together and becoming stronger for it”.