Love Hearts’ new modern twist has us feeling very conflicted!

When it comes to retro sweets, Love Hearts are the old reliable.

With nostalgic messages like "Page Me" and "Be Mine," we always knew what we were getting with the humble heart-shaped candy. Now though, manufacturer Swizzels have done the unthinkable and updated the sweets for their 60th anniversary.

Did nobody tell them that we don't like change?!

You can now expect to see "Swipe Right," "YOLO" and even "Totes Hilair" next time you buy a pack of the sweets. Lads, it's all just so… MODERN.

As part of a Swizzels competition, entrants were asked to submit their ideas for phrases to be etched on the new batch of Love Hearts, with 14 winning messages chosen:

So does this mean "Fax Me" is gone? But we loved that one… *weeps*