Louise Thompson reveals she’s written a book amid PTSD battle


Louise Thompson has announced she’s written a book. 

The former Made in Chelsea star has admitted she feels ‘slightly sick with nerves’ as she reveals she’s shared her story with PTSD and other health issues following the traumatic birth of her son Leo. 

Louise gave birth to Leo in November 2021 and ended up having to stay in hospital for over a month due to severe complications. She was later diagnosed with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other health complications after the near-death experience. 

While Louise has opened up about struggling with her mental health online, she hasn’t delved into the details of Leo’s birth and the aftermath in full, until now with her book. 

Revealing that the book is called Lucky, Louise took to Instagram to share details about it to her 1.4M followers. 

The 33-year-old explained, “I have written a book. I feel slightly sick with nerves. A couple of years ago I experienced a series of distressing events that completely derailed me. They turned me from a highly functioning, happy and fairly successful young adult into a vegetable almost overnight”.

“The journey to get from that place to where I am today has felt like hell on earth but I finally feel courageous enough to share some of the details of what happened to me and to examine my personal lived experience since …in one tidy space”.    

“Introducing my book: LUCKY. Early on in my recovery people told me that one day I would share my story and it would help lots of other people weave their way out of similar struggles. It has taken me a really long time to come to terms with what happened to me, to create distance from it, to see things for what they really are, and to feel ‘ready’ to talk. But here we are”.

Louise went on to say that she’s received many messages from fans asking her to write more because they enjoy reading her ‘relatable ramblings' in her Instagram captions.  

“I really have you guys to thank for a lot of this. I am eternally grateful to every single one of you for keeping me moving forward and with purpose”.

“Your words have been the difference between life and death. Writing for me has been the difference between life and death. The hope that I might actually get better one day and be able to help others in the future felt like the ONLY thing keeping me going at one point (a point in time so lengthy that neither of us may want to acknowledge it)”.   

“But we got there in the end. The past is now the present and the pipe dream has become a reality and I’m crying with pride. I feel so strong”.

Thompson then revealed that fans can pre-order the book now and shared advice to anyone that is suffering with their mental health. 

“I would encourage anyone and everyone suffering with poor MH to write their own version of a book. Get that poison out of your head and onto paper”.

Many fans shared supportive messages for Louise in the comments with one penning, “I’ve never been more proud of someone that I don’t know in person!! You’re amazing Louise”.

“You're amazing and should be incredibly proud of yourself and how far you’ve come xx”, wrote another fan.