Lorraine Kelly shares reaction live on air to becoming a granny

Lorraine Kelly has shared her reaction to the news that she is about to become a grandmother!

On Friday (April 12), the TV presenter's only daughter, Rosie Smith, announced that she is expecting her first child with her partner Steve White.

Now, a few days on from the wonderful news, Lorraine has chosen to speak out about her first grandchild.

Earlier today, the proud grandmother-to-be gushed about Rosie’s pregnancy live on air on her ITV daytime show.

“I'm going to be a granny! How exciting is that? Granny Smith because, you know, my married name is Smith!” the 64-year-old beamed.

“We're all very excited, it's huge and wonderful and yeah… it's just cheered everybody up, which is just great!” she added.

Lorraine, who welcomed Rosie into the world in 1994 with her husband Steve Smith, added: “Thank you to everybody who has sent me messages, it was really kind of you… thank you very much, it means a lot, it means a lot!”

In an earlier segment in the show, Lorraine teased that Steve had already warned her “not to interfere too much”, adding: “How hard is that going to be, not to interfere!”

“We're just so thrilled. It's the best and most exciting thing that has happened to our family. It's just great!” Lorraine gushed further.

Last week, Rosie unveiled her pregnancy news on Instagram by posting a mirror picture of her growing bump, as well as a sonogram snap of her little one at 12 weeks.

“We could not be more excited – you're already so loved little one,” the 29-year-old penned in her caption at the time.

Re-sharing the news on her own Instagram page, Lorraine wrote: “THE most exciting thing to have ever happened in our family! Cannot wait to be a granny and so proud of Rosie and her Steve. It’s the best news EVER!”