Look who’s getting their own chat show…


She’s one of the most controversial figures in the media – and it looks as if she isn’t going anywhere fast.

Not long after her documentary, My Fat Story which saw Katie gain and lose three stone to prove it can be done, it is rumoured she may be getting her own chat show.

According to a new report, Katie is said to be in talks with TLC, a network owned by the Discovery Network to launch her own show, which will no doubt act as a platform from which she can voice her controversial opinions.

The move comes only a day after Katie deeply offended patients and families of dementia, saying: “ Dementia sufferers should not be blocking beds. What is the point in life when you no longer know you are living it? Bang me over the head.”

Despite an overwhelming majority of people disagreeing with the former Big Brother star on many topics, there is no doubt a Katie Hopkins show would pull in viewers.

Would you tune in?