Lockdown 3.0: You ‘knead’ to get into sourdough starters

Now that we’re back in lockdown again, it’s time to revisit those beloved lockdown trends from 2020 which helped put our minds at ease when the world was on fire. One of which being the iconic sourdough starter.

Bread making has become an almost therapeutic and empowering act of self-love this past year, helping people to eat better and feel better at the same time. That’s why we couldn be more delighted to hear that the bakers at Bread 41 have reintroduced FREE STARTER LOCKDOWN.

This means that the good people at Bread 41 will be giving out starter and starter packs each day until we escape the newly imposed level 5 restrictions, in the hopes that people can start making and enjoying the health benefits of eating naturally fermented breads.

Fear not, baking newbies — Bread 41 will be posting some bread how-to videos up on their Bread 41 YouTube channel to help guide people with managing their starter and making real bread. Baking phenomenon and co-owner of Bread 41, Eoin Cluskey will also be on hand throughout the month of January to answer any and all questions from home bakers over on Instagram. 

At the end of January as people's baking prowess improves Eoin will host a free Eventbrite sourdough informational event on how to improve on peoples sourdough making skills.

If you’ve been wanting to get into the sourdough starter game, but have been a bit hesitant or nervous, then this is the perfect opportunity to throw yourself into it, in a completely stress-free way.