Listen up! Scott Patterson launches Gilmore Girls rewatch podcast

American actor Scott Patterson is taking a trip down memory lane arriving at a little town called Stars Hollow, as he watches every single episode of Gilmore Girls for the first time ever, and then talks about it on his brand new podcast.

Scott’s podcast is called I Am All In, which is an iconic reference to one of his character’s most famous lines which he said on a first date with Lorelai Gilmore. With two episodes already out, we can tell that I Am All In is going to be our new favourite podcast!

In each episode, Scott will recall memories from set, chat with stars from the show and give exclusive behind-the-scenes tidbits and fun facts which nobody knows about. For instance, while promoting this new project, Scott recalled what it was like to film Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss at the end of season four.

“[I remember] how nervous we both were on that day and how the crew stuck around to check it out because everybody kind of knew it was this iconic moment,” he recalled in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

“We were nervous, and then we both realized that's exactly how the characters should feel. Because the nervousness we were having as actors was, 'We don't want to screw this up.' It's a big moment, and everybody knew it was a big moment and it felt like a big moment. And and then we both realized this is exactly how we should feel. We should take this into the scene and we did and got the results,” he added.

Scott also explained how excited he was to watch the scenes between him and Milo Ventimiglia’s character, Jess. “I'm excited to get to the Jess stuff because I don't remember a lot of it and I just really enjoyed working with Milo.”

“We always had such fun on the set and I just loved being that parental figure. Two of my favorite scenes in the whole library of Gilmore are pushing him in the lake and then knocking the hole in the wall with a sledgehammer,” Scott recalled.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have about 153 episodes of Gilmore Girls to rewatch!