Listen to the song Harry Styles wrote about Taylor Swift!


Hold the phone – Harry Styles wrote a song about Taylor Swift?!


While we’re all still obsessing over Out of the Woods, Taylor’s supposed ode to ex-boyfriend Harry, it seems that the One Direction singer has put his thoughts on their romance into song too!

This is just too much.

According to reports today, Harry has penned a break-up song all about “the one that got away” – that’s Taylor – and it featured on a record by singing duo Alex & Sierra.

That’s not even the saddest part – the song is called I Love You.

The song is all about Harry’s regret over the failed romance, and includes such heart-breaking lyrics as: “I fell in love with a beautiful girl/ And she still takes my breath away”.

Guys, you are killing us here.

Just take a listen to the song below, and let us know your thoughts.

Could it be that Harry and Taylor’s love story isn’t over just yet? We’re secretly still rooting for them!