Lisa Kudrow’s son doesn’t care about Phoebe Buffay!


If our mum had starred in one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, you’d be pretty sure we’d be interested. Friends, the show whose re-runs we never tire of, spawned catchphrases, songs and hairstyles and yet, Lisa Kudrow’s 16-year-old son Julian has no interest in watching the performances which made his mum a household name. We'd be even MORE interested, if she was pregnant with us during filming, like she was with Julian!

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel in a recent interview, the hilarious fifty-one-year-old actress revealed that her son ‘loves everybody else’, but isn’t overly impressed by the quirky, coffee-house singer Phoebe Buffay. The mum-of-one laughed off Jimmy’s concerns and reassurances about disinterested offspring and was more than happy to reminisce about the show which ran for ten years and brought the lives of six New Yorkers into our living rooms every week.

Coming soon to Netflix, die-hard Friends fans can binge-watch the sitcom which premiered twenty years ago. TWENTY YEARS AGO!  (How old does that make us feel?) Maybe if Julian schedules a duvet day, three takeaways and twelve hours of non-stop Friends, he’ll soon see what he’s missing!