Lindsay Lohan was left seriously red-faced on Twitter last night


Actress Lindsay Lohan made a big social media faux-pas last night when she posted a tweet containing the word "n**ga," much to the shock of her followers.

The wildchild star was in Paris for Fashion Week and headed along to Kanye West's Louis Vuitton Foundation concert last night.

While she only set out to praise Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian (and pay tribute to her mum?!), she had to act fast after posting up one of the rapper's song lyrics containing the offensive word.

"#kanye&kim Alldayn**ga$ fun show #PFW #goodpeople=goodlife all from good moms!!!!!! @dinalohan @krisjenner," the actress wrote on both Twitter and Instagram.

Within minutes, presumably after a sharp word from her PR person, Lindsay deleted her tweet altogether and amended the Instagram post to take out the offending word.


#kanye&kimAllday fun show #PFW #goodpeople=goodlife all from good moms!!!!!! @dinalohan @krisjenner

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But as always, it's almost impossible to beat the eagle eyes of Twitter users, and Lindsay was inundated with comments from annoyed followers.

"You said the N word?!? Wow I seen your original post and so did thousands others," wrote one commenter. "She deleted N word so fast ….. Wow!!" wrote another.

Think before you tweet next time, Lindsay!