Why did Lily Allen snub Fearne Cotton?


Uh oh, does Fearne realise what she has let herself in for? If there is a list of people we wouldn’t mess with, we reckon Lily Allen would be number one, closely followed by the Gallagher brothers and Kelly Osbourne.

Speaking on the Breakfast Show, BBC 1 with Nick Grimshaw, Fearne explained how Lily snubbed her the previous evening at the Brit Awards: “Lily Allen blanked me last night. Five times. She blanked me five times in a row.”

Fearne also told Nick how she had also snubbed her boyfriend, Jesse Wood: “And she blanked Jesse. You know my boyfriend is the nicest guy in the world…blanked.”

Of course, Lily was never going to take this lying down and took to her Twitter account to voice her disagreement with Fearne’s allegation and to question why she didn’t just approach her: “@Fearnecotton I did not blank you. That is simply not true. I didn’t see you or your husband…@Fearnecotton any, why couldn’t you just come over a say hi yourself?”