Lily Allen admits why she was forced out of her ‘house of dreams’

Lily Allen has revealed the real reason why she was forced to leave her “house of dreams”.

The Not Fair singer originally purchased her home in the Cotswolds back in 2010. However, just a few years later in 2016, Lily was forced to sell the house.

Now, as she continues her life with her husband David Harbour and her two daughters – 11-year-old Ethel and nine-year-old Marnie -, Lily has recalled the circumstances which forced her to sell her home.


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Speaking on her own podcast Miss Me?, Lily began: “I had a beautiful house, which was my house of dreams in the countryside. And, I did it up so nice, and it was like my life project, I was very proud of it, it was the place where I was going to raise my children.”

The 38-year-old then went on to explain where things went wrong.

“I was always good with my tax, I'm a big firm believer in paying tax and I think people in a higher earning bracket should absolutely pay as much tax as they possibly can. And, that has made me unpopular in certain political circles, having this view, and being quite public about it,” she detailed.


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“I have always put money aside to pay for my tax. What happened was, I got sued by somebody, for an extremely large amount of money, which I hadn't accounted for. I had to pay him off with the money I had put aside for my tax,” the Smile hitmaker continued.

“I tried to work out a deal with HMRC in which I can pay them back in installments, which I would have been able to do, but they said no. So, I had to put my house on the market,” Lily admitted. 


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Describing the situation as “absolutely soul-destroying”, Lily stated that she still hopes to get her dream home back.

“Every day, I still check the housing market to see if that house has come back on sale. I'd love to have that house back,” she concluded.