Lies everybody hears after a bad break-up


1. “It has nothing to do with you.”
Oh ya, they just left because THEY were needy and obsessed. Sure.

61c61837bd431935f63af7ee8baca0862. “You’re better off without them.”
But we don’t feel like that.

85b3. “They’ll never find someone as good as you.”
The following week you see them with that Miranda Kerr look-a-like who works in BT’s. Crap.

Understatement-Century4. “You’ll find someone again soon.”
Ya sure. Do you know how long it took to find that one?


5. “They are going to regret this.”
No, you did do that massive thing you shouldn’t have. They won’t regret it.

80267666. “Now you get to enjoy the single life!”
Back here again? Seriously.

c1958cb2317bde950dd972f7b7775416073a8f0b18133dd980fbeae7127c7d377. “You’ll forget all about this one day.”
This hurt? Not a chance.


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