Let’s talk money, honey! 6 things that are totally OK to splash out on

OK, let’s be straight. We’re all fecking broke.

From rent, to utilities, to public and private student loans alike, there is simply a lot we have to pay for each month.

Yes, it’s hard. And yes, you will sometimes feel like you need to crawl into a black hole in order to save yourself a few quid.

However, there are some things in life that you should spend your money on. These things will not only enrich your life, but they’ll make you feel a little bit better about yourself too.

1. Treat yo’self

We know, it’s a strange place to start, but the best place to start.

Sometimes, money problems can get us really down, so if you killed it at work this week or did a deadly presentation in college, treat yo’self girl.

Whether it’s buying yourself a new top, or going for a cocktail with your BFF, take some time out to just celebrate you.

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2. Education

Yep, you knew this one would come up but honestly, it’s so worth it.

Continuing with your education, whether it’s doing a masters degree, a night-time course, or even schooling yourself with the help of a good book; it’ll all be invaluable if you want to advance your career. And with reputable institutions making it available to pursue Graduate & Post-Graduate Courses online, you’ll be able to save up more than you would if you choose to further your education through traditional college.

Just think, that internship in Paris would be in your pocket after a few French lessons!

3. Your home

Now, we’re not saying splash out on a fancy apartment in the city centre or put down a mortgage on a country house. But putting time and effort (and a bit of moola) into your home will make all the difference.

It’s where you spend your down time, so you need to be happy in it. Buy a few fairy lights, some deliciously-smelling candles, and a cosy blanket to throw over your bed and you’re good to go.

Silk pillowcases FTW.

4. Night out with friends

You might not have expected this one to pop up either, but you know you want it.

If you’ve been saving for a couple of months, then going out was probably off the cards for you. But sometimes, you just need a few drinks with friends to make everything better.

So, dust off that LBD you’ve been dying to wear, grab your heels and head out for a night on the tiles.

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5. Good quality food

You might look at this one and think, WTF being broke doesn’t mean I can’t eat, but we’re talking about fresh produce and great quality.

Having a €2 frozen pizza for dinner might seem like you’re saving money, but you’re going to be hungry an hour later and feel stodgy AF too.

So, make sure you’re fuelling yourself with good food that will make you feel healthy and energised every single day.

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6. Experiences

Whether it’s a concert, a day trip to Glendalough or a weekend in Spain, you get so much more from experiences than material goods.

A trip away will give you memories that will last a lifetime, and you don’t need to break the bank to do so.

Check out Groupon for deals, or Booking.com for low prices. Ryanair has also recently launched deals on flights and hotels so take a gander over there too.

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