Leslie Jones’ website goes OFFLINE after a horrible hacking scandal


The actress recently starred in the latest reboot of Ghostbusters, but since then, she's been receiving major abuse online.

And to make matters worse, Leslie Jones' website was hacked this morning and private information, including her driver's licence and passport info were leaked for the world to see.

On top of that, the hacker posted private, naked photos of the actress, as well as videos and pictures of gorillas.

Before her website was hacked, Leslie left social media for a few months because the abuse got so bad. 

In the midst of the controversy, the star spoke to one of Twitter's founders, Jack Dorsey, who suspended activist Milo Yiannopoulos' account because his followers were sending very hateful messages to her. 

Today, Milo told The Hollywood Reporter: "I'm distressed to hear that Leslie Jones has been hacked and naked pictures of her have been posted online. I know we had our differences after my review of Ghostbusters but I wish her all the best at what must be a deeply upsetting time."