Leighton opens up about her time on Gossip Girl


Leighton Meester, star of Gossip Girl, has spoken out about her time on the hit teen drama, her foray into the movie business and her relationship with husband, Adam Brody.

In a revealing interview, the twenty-eight-year-old has said that once Gossip Girl came to an end, she was itching to try out more adult projects than her role as Blair Waldorf allowed her. Commenting on this, she said: “I started the show when I was so young, and once it was over, I wanted to do things that were exciting and challenging and more me- more my adult taste.”

It seems that Leighton has no problem with her personal and professional lives intertwining if her latest movie project is anything to go by. Life Partners, Leighton’s latest offering due out in December, also stars husband, Adam.

The couple married in February of this year and Leighton has no problem mixing business with pleasure, saying: “ There wasn’t time to ask if we wanted to do this together. I was reading the script. I loved the part and I loved the movie. The he called me and said ‘They offered me this role’.”

The only concern Leighton has regarding her professional life is whether she makes the right decisions at the right time. She admits: “I ask myself, ‘Does this reflect my moral compass and where I’m at in my life and what I want to do?’”

Sounds like a fairly healthy approach to career and relationships from what we can see!