Lauren Goodger says she is NOT copying Michelle Keegan


Lauren Goodger would like you to know that she did NOT dye her hair dark brown so she would look like Mark Wright’s fiancée, Michelle Keegan, okay?!

According to the TOWIE star, when she shared photos of her new hair colour on Instagram, she was accused of trying to copy her ex-fiancé’s wife-to-be, Michelle.

 In her new! column, Lauren slammed the rumours, saying: “Some silly people have accused me of trying to look like Michelle. Oh please! I don’t think I look anything like her, nor am I trying to. I’m happy with being me. I’m allowed to dye my hair. It has nothing to do with anyone else.”

While we completely agree with Lauren, of course, we wonder why she felt the need to address the issue at all! Why give it the time of day, after all!

Lauren has said that she loves her new look, explaining that she feels more sophisticated as a brunette: “Everyone has told me they really like my new brunette hair and so I’m happy with it … People have said it makes my eyes stand out and I feel more sophisticated with darker hair.”

It is a lovely colour!