Lauren Conrad has no time for old drama, is also not afraid to be ‘basic’

Former reality TV star turned lifestyle guru Lauren Conrad has taken some time out from her busy (and Instagram worthy) schedule to be on the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

In her interview with the glossy, Lauren is sharing some of her thoughts on her former co-stars, boyfriends and what it means to actually be a ‘basic’ person.


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Last year the designer, author and social media queen was branded ‘basic’ by Allure magazine. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping Lauren, or her career.  

She admits that she is “probably pretty basic,” but that she’s a pretty happy person, so she’s ok with the label. We reckon if we were as successful as Lauren, we would be pretty happy too.

Speaking about Heidi Montag’s latest revelation that she has forgiven Lauren for “trying to ruin her life”, Lauren revealed that she doesn’t have any time for “that” anymore.

“I don't think it has anything to do with me. You just have to focus on the good people in your life. Focusing on what you lose is only going to make you sad,” the 29-year old Laguna Beach native says.

She also notes that former flame Brody Jenner has “a lot of experience” for her new sex and dating advice TV series. So it seems that she wasn’t all that surprised when she heard the news. Clearly she and Brody aren’t in touch all that much these days as Lauren explained how she found out about Brody’s latest venture.

“My husband told me about it. I didn’t know! He has a lot of experience … depending on what kind of advice you want."

Talking about getting her break on reality TV, Lauren says that without Laguna Beach or The Hills, “I definitely wouldn’t be in the position I am in now.”

She explained that being on The Hills and all the scandal that came with it also caused her to develop a thick skin “really quickly.”