The Irish are officially the second best rugby team in the WORLD

Hup the LADS.

Let's be honest – nothing brings a nation together quite like a well performing sports team.

And thankfully, on this wonderful little Island, we have an exceptional rugby team. 

The lads have been killing it on the pitch, and thanks to this weekend's win, we have overtaken England in the world rankings. 

How glorious? 

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Naturally, those (virtually) unbeatable buggers down in New Zealand are still at number one (for now), but this is brilliant news for Irish rugby. 

The current rankings are as follows:

1 New Zealand 

2 Ireland 

3 England

4 Australia

5 South Africa 

6 Scotland 

7 Wales

8 France

9 Argentina 

10 Fiji 

14 Italy

Now, let's head to Twickenham this weekend, and show them how it's done!