Kylie Jenner introduces her ‘child’ to Instagram


Two days ago, Kylie Jenner was pictured out with the most beautiful puppy ever, whom she has been referring to as her ‘child’ and her ‘baby’.

It turns out this sweet little pooch is Norman, the latest addition to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and Kylie has made clear her intentions to make him a fully-fledged member of the family – by creating him his own Instagram account!


#mood. Just decided to make my child an Instagram @normiejenner follow him 🙂

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Going by the handle Normie Jenner, Norman has only uploaded five posts so far but already has a staggering 229,000 followers. So, basically, he’s already more popular than us, and he’s a dog!

Among the adorable posts that proud ‘mum’ Kylie has been posting to the account are snaps of him fast asleep on “aunt Kendall” and “finding a nice space on Kim’s ass”.


Normie finding a nice space on Kim's ass to take a nap

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Just when we thought we couldn’t love Kylie any more, she goes and pulls off something like this. We think it’s safe to say that Norman will be a part of our daily Instagram stalking from now on!