Kris Jenner slams Perez Hilton in foul-mouthed Twitter rant


With people weighing in from all corners on Bruce Jenner's recent news, it's no surprise that celebrity blogger Perez Hilton offered his two cents and got a sly dig in at the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, in the process.

Taking to social media to air his views on the matter, Perez wrote: "Kris Jenner has no comment for ABC news and the #BruceJenner interview. His other two ex-wives gave supportive statements."

Harsh enough, but the blogger, who came to blows with Katie Hopkins while a contestant in the Celebrity Big Brother house, didn't stop there.

Implying that Kris hoped to cash in on her ex-husband's revelations, Perez went on to tweet: "Kris Jenner is negotiating her very own tell-all interview as we speak- to the highest bidder! Or so I think."

In classic Kris style, the 59-year-old wasn't going to take those jibes lying down and wasted no time responding to the blogger's unnecessarily spiteful tweets, saying: "F*ck you Perez. No one asked me to comment …and I'm sitting with Bruce now watching this show so lets keep it real…LOL…"

Unfortunately Perez wasn't the only one to cast a shadow on Bruce's courage and bravery this weekend, with former member of the Kardashian clan, Kris Humpheries, taking to Twitter to cast aspersions on his former father-in-law.

Lets all take a leaf from Ellen De Generes' and Jennifer Lopez's books who took to social media to praise the brave father-of-six following his incredibly candid and courageous interview with Diane Sawyer.