Kourtney Kardashian made out with Orange Is the New Black star!


It’s hard to remember Kourtney Kardashian’s wild days, before she became the fabulous mum she is today.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t caught on camera, however!

Now, a video has resurfaced of the eldest Kardashian sister having a serious make-out session with Orange Is the New Black star, Jackie Cruz!

The incident between the two girls happened in a Miami nightclub during an episode of KUWTK spin-off show, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Kourtney soons regrets her actions however, and for those who saw the episode, is worried she has led Jackie on, saying: “I’m so embarrassed, I can never talk to this girl again. Jackie is calling me non-stop and I am so embarrassed I made out with her. I did not mean to lead her on.”