Kim shares risqué snap on Instagram, Internet explodes


You don’t have to hack into Kim Karshasian’s iCloud account to get a look at her nudey photos, because she has NO problem posting them all over the Internet herself!

The reality star posted this shot from her GQ magazine photo shoot to her Instagram a mere eight hours ago, and it has already racked up 587,000 likes. That’s a lot of likes!

Funny how she uploaded this photo after speaking about the iCloud hacking scandal, where she spoke about how cautious you have to be about privacy:

“I think it's a big wake up call for people to make sure they have every privacy setting.

“I don't even know where this cloud is or where all this information is that can be hacked into. I deleted my iCloud account ages ago because I didn't really understand it and I was aware that it was so easily accessible.”

Something tells us Kanye may have had a thing or two to do with Kim’s iCloud being deleted, seen as he is very concerned about people spying on him and his family. Though, we don’t know why she bothered when she posts photos like this of herself!

Who knows though, she was probably as well off without any clothes, as her famous booty had clearly had enough of being trapped in yet another figure hugging dress when she was leaving Annabelle's private member's club in London last night.

Quick, someone get the needle and thread!