Kim shares a no make-up selfie but fans aren’t so sure!


Kim Kardashian can do no right it would seem! The star is constantly being criticised for her choice of photos as well as her interviews – but does she set herself up for the fall?

Today, it is not only her Vogue Australia interview that has gotten people talking, but a ‘no make-up selfie’ she shared on Instagram only hours ago. Kim posted the snap and captioned: “A little no make up selfie getting my nails did” and while many of her followers were quick to tell the reality TV star how pretty she is without make-up, many others questioned it.

We're not sure how happy her nail technician is to be caught in the shot!

The photo comes not long after her interview with Vogue Australia hit headlines, with Kim divulging exactly why she feels her relationship with Kanye works so well: “He always has been such a good support throughout my life. I think we met 10 years ago and at different points we connected and got closer. We were always communicating, even if we were on different paths in our lives. We could always fill each other in on what was going on and always support each other. I think that created a good foundation for the relationship.” 

Aww! Though Kim and Kanye were friends for years, it seems their love only blossomed in mid-2012 following the breakdown of Kim's second marriage to Kris Humphries in 2011.