Kim Kardashian’s mum did NOT look happy with her today!


Kim Kardashian made a pretty big beauty move today when she stepped out with platinum blonde locks as she touched down in Paris for the last leg of Paris Fashion Week.

The reality star broke the internet yet again with her new 'do – but her mum Kris definitely didn't look too happy to leave her daughter to get all the attention!

Kim, Kris and Kim's husband Kanye all sat front row at Balmain today, but the Kardashian matriarch was definitely a bit of a third wheel.

As Kim and Kanye snuggled and smiled for the cameras, poor Kris sat beside them looking utterly bored and stony-faced as her daughter all but turned her back:

Is this what it's like at the Kardashian dinner table every Sunday?!

The trio were at Balmain to watch Kim's little sister Kendall on the catwalk, so at least momager Kris had something to look at she she pointedly ignored Kim and Kanye:

First Khloé going blonde, now Kim… could Kris be next?! It might get her the attention she's craving, anyway!