Kim Kardashian’s big birthday plans revealed!


Our birthday celebrations usually consist of a quiet few drinks, some cake and maybe even a bit of a dance if we’re lucky…

You have another thing coming though, if you imagine that Kim Kardashian’s upcoming 34th birthday bash is going to be low-key!

Details of Kim’s celebrations have been revealed, and it looks like her family and friends are in for a wild night.

The reality star unveiled the promotional poster for her party last night, with the festivities set to take place in TAO Nightclub, Las Vegas, on October 24th.

A promotional poster? We’ll have to remember that for next year.

Needless to say, Kim is looking smoulderingly sexy in the black and white shot, gazing over her shoulder with that signature pout.

According to the poster, you can actually buy tickets to her party – surely a must for all die-hard Kardashian fans?

We can’t wait for the pouty Instagram snaps.