Kim Kardashian made a VERY honest admission on Instagram!

Kim Kardashian might come across as the most body confident person EVER but she revealed this week that she has her own image hang-ups too.

The reality star is currently in Paris enjoying the end of Fashion Week and supporting her husband Kanye as he plays a series of concerts for the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

With her sister Kendall taking to the catwalks for Chanel and Balmain among others, Kim has an instant foot in the door with all the PFW models – but she revealed she's been finding it a little difficult to stay positive.

Sharing a photo on Instagram of herself, Kendall, Joan Smalls, Lily Donaldson, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid, Kim wrote, "Not insecure at all standing next to these super models":

Although she looks downright fabulous and just as gorgeous as the other ladies in the picture, we can see how body insecurities would rear their ugly head when you're suddenly surrounded by a gang of stick-thin supermodels.

Whatever about Kim's feelings, Kanye is more than delighted by his wife's curves, if the photo she posted on Instagram just minutes beforehand is anything to go by:

Those two can't get enough of each other!