Kick off your new year skincare regime with these next level serums.


Next-level skincare made by your skin: German beauty-tech brand, Skinmade, launches four revolutionary Problem Solver Serums designed by science in the world's number 1 Applied Science Institute.

The Fraunhofer Institute's ground-breaking, personalised skincare brand ‘Skinmade’ is excited to announce the launch of their four Problem Solver serums. There is a smart serum to individually treat the causes of 1. Wrinkles, 2. Blemishes & Acne, 3. Redness & Irritation and 4. Pigmentation. Each serum addresses the root causes of these common skin issues through incredible science.

Fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, the Problem Solver serums feature high bioavailability and efficacy while also offering incredible skin tolerance. Unique control peptides address the skin cell type and ensure that the ingredients reach the skin exactly where they are needed. In addition, biocompatible & biodegradable capsules transport the active ingredients, serving as nutrition for the cells and protecting the active ingredients on their way under the skin's surface.

Skinmade is led here in Ireland by one of our country’s best known skin experts, Eavanna Breen. Speaking about the launch, Eavanna said:

“All four serums contain a triple combination of active ingredients: niacinamide, tranexamic acid and azelaic acid, a very rarely used combination in skincare, due to the fact these ingredients are so difficult to combine, making these serums uncommonly effective".

When asked about the magic of each serum in short, Skin Expert Eavanna Breen said:

The Problem Solver Serum for Wrinkles contains peptides that act synergistically at a cellular level and influence a specific protein complex to reduce lines and wrinkles and build collagen”.

The Problem Solver Serum for Wrinkles

The Problem Solver Serum for Blemishes & Acne actively fights the four key symptoms of acne: inflammation, hyperkeratosis, sebum production and bacteria proliferation”.

The Problem Solver Serum for Blemishes & Acne

The Problem Solver Serum for Pigmentation works by preventing the transport of melanin to the visible surface of the skin and reduces melanin synthesis by using ingredients that help to break down pigmentation and restore the skin's natural lipid barrier”.

The Problem Solver Serum for Pigmentation

“And the Problem Solver Serum for Redness and Irritation soothes irritation and calms stressed skin with its unique combination of ingredients that helps to build the skin's natural lipid barrier. It hence reduces redness and protects the skin against free radicals”.

The Problem Solver Serum for Redness and Irritation

The foundation of Skinmade's complete skincare range is a 2-level system designed to solve the personal causes of skin problems effectively. The first level strengthens the skin barrier with a personalised face cream and oil cleanser. The second level then treats specific skin issues with these new problem solver serums. Direct problem solving treatments, no matter how good, will not work effectively unless there is a healthy skin barrier first.

A healthy skin barrier is the dermatological foundation for addressing skin issues. Skinmade's customised moisturiser and cleansing oil helps to restore the skin's microbiome (bacterial colonisation) to a natural equilibrium by regulating moisture and surface lipids (acid mantle). As a result, the skin can rejuvenate and perform its barrier function to its full potential (e.g., protection against external influences). The problem solver serums will then take over, addressing the root causes of these common skin issues.

"Skinmade stands for skincare with the highest level of effectiveness. So your skin receives what it exactly needs: no more, no less”, says Dr. Lars Rüther, Laboratory and Research Manager at Dermatest and Managing Director of Skinmade.

The four problem-solving serums are available in Ireland now from or instore from Akina Beauty Clinic, Leeson Street, Dublin 2, all retailing at €65.