Khloé Kardashian’s latest Instagram post is completely TMI


You can always rely on Khloé to take things that little bit too far. Like when she talks about her brother, or in this case, her camel toe…

The KUWTK star revealed in a recent Instagram post that she has actually named her supposed camel toe, though we can’t see it, writing: “Today I let Jen and Joyce not only do my hair and make up but I actually let them style me today. And I must say what these two ladies created oh Camille the camel is trying to say hi! I hope she listens today.”

Even if her white pants did perhaps give the allusion of a camel toe – why would she point it out so that loads of her Instagram followers are inspecting the area! Sigh…

Camel toe or no, the girl looks incredible! 

In another surprising twist, it isn’t the first time Khloé  has talked about her camel toe (why?!) as she once opened up about how she avoids the style faux pas: “I’ve learned my lesson a million times. I wear Spanx so I don’t get camel toe! My camel toe is a gift from me to you. That is just what God gave me.”

So ladies, it looks like embracing our camel toes is on trend at the moment, though we’re not sure we’re ready for it!